Thursday, January 13, 2011

Artist Statement

Barbara's love of textiles led her to traditional quilting back in the 80's. Hand sewing quilt projects from start to finish soon led to focusing on finding ways to complete quilts quicker without compromising the integrity of the art. Machine piecing soon became her best friend.

In her desire to break the mold Barbara started to add innovation to quilting by framing wall hangings, adding texture using various fabrics, papers, wools and threads sculptuing work in the form of plants, flowers and mobiles. Barbara's quilting has turned in to an evolution of pushing the boundaries of quilting and integrating this art with other mediums in the art world. Her passion for colour is emphasized in various methods of handing dyeing and batiking of fabric which brings additional depth to her work.

Recently using the dapple effect of her dyed fabrics, she has developed stained glassed sculpture items. The stained glass technique will be used in upcoming exhibits to be announced shortly. An example of this stained glass effect can be seen in the picture of her kimono below.